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Maximising Residential Space with Granny Flats

26 January 2023

A granny flat is a wonderful addition to any home, as it can transform the unused space in your yard into a cosy living area. This area is typically reserved for family members who are in town for an extended period, a child, the homeowner’s parents, or the homeowner’s parents-in-law. It is possible to put it to use in various ways, each of which has the potential to increase the overall value of your house, making it an excellent choice for residential real estate investment.

Important Considerations

Even though constructing a granny flat might be thrilling, it is critical not to jump into the process without conducting an adequate study. Before beginning the procedure, it is important to make sure that you have checked in with your local council to find out the precise construction standards that are needed in your location. Restrictions tend to differ from place to place. There might be minimum criteria for the block size, maximum limitations on the amount of floor area, or even guidelines for residence usage. In certain areas, it is illegal for anybody other than members of the homeowner’s immediate family to live in a granny flat, and it is required that all services, including electricity and water, be shared with the main house. Remember that all electrical wiring and plumbing work must be carried out exclusively by certified tradesmen.

Take into Account the Space

We at Olympia Homes are all about clever design decisions that provide comfort and add utility to any room since we know that the little particulars make the most difference. Think about the advantages of installing wall-mounted tapware in bathrooms to free up space on the vanity, wall lighting to limit the amount of junk that accumulates on side tables, and sliding doors to reduce the amount of opening space that is required.

It is possible that installing lever door handles rather than circular twist knobs on the doors of a granny flat might be all that is required to make life somewhat more secure and convenient for an older relative who lives there. It might also involve putting a railing and non-slip tape on outside areas or steps. It may be as simple as choosing carpet over laminate as your floor covering because of its superior traction. Our skilled carpenters are available to ensure that every detail of your granny flat is attended to and that it may be adapted to meet the requirements and fulfil the objectives of your construction project.

Office Area to Work at Home

Office spaces are wonderful additions to homes for nearly anyone in this day and age, but unfortunately, most homes only have a limited amount of room available to accommodate an office. If there is just no more place in your bedroom for your home office to fit, we suggest converting your granny flat into an area where you may conduct business while working from home.

It is really to your advantage to do this because the granny flat is detached from the rest of your house, which means that the office area will have a higher degree of confidentiality. You will also have plenty of area for your work supplies, making it much simpler to find what you need when you need it.

Entertainment Space for Gaming

Converting your granny flat into a game room is an option for you. Giving your children or your kid-at-heart husband a room to play games, whether they like board games or video games, may help minimise the amount of clutter and noise in other areas of your home.

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