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The Advantages of Adding a Granny Flat Extension to Your Sydney Home

18 November 2021

There are several major advantages of adding a granny flat extension to your home property in Sydney. If you want to provide an attractive and practical new residence for your parents or other older relatives, this type of home extension is ideal. These older family members can be nearby while enjoying the privacy of their own living spaces.

If they plan to spend the winter or summer months in a different location, you can always use this fashionable and functional new living space for other purposes. An attractive home edition can serve many diverse uses.

Advantages of a Granny Flat Extension for your Sydney Home

Adding a stylish granny flat extension to your home property in Sydney can provide a fresh and attractive new living environment for the older members of your family. This extension can also offer several additional useful and appealing benefits, including the following:

  • Home for Newlyweds. If there are young newlyweds in your family, a granny flat extension can become a fresh, inviting new home for them. While having their own private living spaces, they can enjoy taking part in family meals and activities rather than living at a distance across town or in another city or state. You and other family members can enjoy getting them off to a good start in their new lifestyle together.
  • Home Office Space. Your new granny flat can also be used for home office space and conference room areas for business. You and your spouse or partner can operate your business ventures at home, but in a separate space from your living areas. You can enjoy the convenience of running your company “next door” while having the luxury of closing your office door at the end of each business day to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of your home life.
  • Entertaining Area. You can turn your granny flat extension into an entertaining area, if you like. Rather than having parties, holiday dinners and other events in your home living areas, you can entertain family and guests in your granny extension. By reserving this space for entertaining, you can keep it available for hosting social events, even on short notice.
  • Guest Accommodations.Your new granny flat extension can also be used as guest accommodations. Your visiting family or friends can enjoy their own private living spaces adjoining your home. With this attractive and practical home extension, you will never need to perform a fast home cleanup to prepare for the arrival of guests. Your guests can also sleep and awaken at whatever hour of the day or night that they may choose without concerns about disturbing you or other members of your household.

By consulting our experts at Olympia Homes located in Alexandria, NSW, you can receive excellent advice and information concerning adding a granny flat extension to your home in Sydney. Our experienced team will work closely with you to design and construct the ideal extension to complement your current home style and layout. Our professionals will ensure that your new granny flat completely satisfies and even surpasses your desires, expectations and needs for a stylish new home extension.

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