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6 Reasons Why You Should Build a New Custom Home in Sydney

12 October 2020

Let’s be real, constructing your new custom home in Sydney is the best feeling there is. You’ll definitely think that it is more than just a building — it’s your home, where you get away from all of the pressure and stress from work, making lifelong memories with your family. When the time comes to start thinking about moving to your forever home, one of the first and most important decisions you will face is whether to purchase an existing home or build your own custom home from the ground up. Since it is where you’ll spend most of your time with your loved ones, entertaining friends, and enjoying hobbies, it needs to be a special place that suits your unique needs, reflects your personal style and fits your lifestyle. Below are six reasons why you should build a new custom home in Sydney.

Building a New Custom Home Caters Personal Preferences

The biggest advantage of having your home custom built is that you have the ability to get exactly what you want. Unlike pre-build or cookie-cutter homes, which have pre-established facilities, your customised home will give you what you need and want exactly.

Building a New Custom Home Allows You to Make Choices

Building your own custom home is all about the power of making choices. You have the freedom to select everything you want in your home, including appliances, wall and floor coverings, trim, custom cabinetry and amenities. From floor to ceiling, interior and exterior, you are in charge of every detail that goes into creating your new home.

Building a New Custom Home Translates Your Dreams into Reality

Your home could be a direct reflection of your style, taste, and personality. By working with an architect and interior designer you’ll have the opportunity to create a home that literally will be the “home of your dreams.” Whether you opt for Mid-Century Modern, Greek Revival, Ranch, Contemporary, or a combination of styles, your home incorporates every detail you specify. Your furnishings fit perfectly because your home is designed to accommodate them.

Building a New Custom Home Promotes Superior Quality

A good custom builder automatically works with trusted tradesmen who provide high-quality work and materials. It is a known fact that completely customising your home from the ground up dramatically reduces the chance of substandard construction. With a custom-built home you know it is constructed with the best products, materials, and brands.

You Know How Your Home is Made

With a custom build home you know what type of brick is used. You choose what sort of flooring you want. You choose what type of roof goes on your home. You choose the most energy efficient and visually pleasing windows. From your kitchen countertops to the siding on your home, you know what your home is made of.

You Get The Home You Want With The Features You’ve Been Dreaming

When you’re ready to have the home of your dreams built just the way you want, call Olympia Homes we’ll work with you to either customise or we’ll work from plans you already have – either way, you get the home you want with the features you’ve been dreaming of.


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