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A Simple Guide to Contemporary Kitchen Designs for Australian Homes

04 July 2019

Your expert builders and renovators serving the South Sydney area can provide you with an essential guide for contemporary home kitchen designs and decor in Australia. Your guide will cover all aspects of kitchen interior creations or makeovers, from initial concepts through completion. With an expert team of experienced, licensed building professionals and project managers working together toward finalising your new kitchen interior, you will enjoy the many top caliber elements and features that only state-of-the-art kitchen design, construction, installation and finishing can accomplish.

Your Simplified Guide to Creation of a Top-Tier Contemporary Home Kitchen Design in Australia

An ultimate quality, simplified guide for designing and building a top caliber new home kitchen design in Australia today will include many elements and features of interior design and decor, including the following:

• Elegant Flooring. – Flooring choices for your new kitchen creation or update include elegant marble, porcelain or ceramic, tiles and lustrous hardwood. If marble is your decor passion, you may want to choose a deep gray, cream and pick combination that you can accent with a creamy quartz benchtop and pink, gray, and auburn hued splashback tiling.

If you favour the traditional small, hexagonal white and black porcelain tiles or Asian patterns in multi-coloured ceramic tiling, you can also enjoy pairing and contrasting their vibrant colours and distinctive shapes with wall paint, furniture colours and decorative wall-mounted elements. If your strong preference is luxurious Jarrah or Tasmanian Oak flooring, you can complement and enhance their supreme colourations with countless hues, textures, and patterns in additional decor.

• Attractive Benchtop and Splashback. – If you want to feature and emphasise the grand elegance of a gold and amber marble benchtop and light marigold splashback in semi-gloss glass tiling, you can make these decor elements major focal points of your overall room interior. With suspended lamp-style lighting from a high ceiling or frosted modern sconce wall lighting nearby, you can achieve a unique ambiance of bright, lively activity or serene, stylistic enchantment for your new, one-of-a-kind, home kitchen interior.

• Appealing Colours and Furnishings. – Your colour choices for your new culinary preparation and cooking area should reflect your own fashion preferences and favourite hues. If you like prepping and cooking meals or preparing snacks surrounded by neutral, sedate colours and lightly nuanced surface textures and patterns, you should definitely follow this trend in deciding your new kitchen design. However, if bright matte finishes or glossy, luminous colours spark your attention and strike your fancy by all means, include their lasting energy and vitality in your updated kitchen wall paint, furniture finishes and other decor.

When you engage the expert home kitchen designers, builders and renovators of Olympia Homes located in Alexandria, NSW in the South Sydney area for creating your new or updated kitchen interior, you will benefit from optimal quality advice, designs, construction, installation and finishing services. Our highly experienced team will ensure that your new or completely refurbished home kitchen contains elements and features of state-of-the-art design and decor to create the ultimate kitchen interior of your dreams.

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