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Bathroom Trends for Residential Construction: What are the Things You Need to Know?

13 December 2019

Bathrooms are pretty intimate places. This means that a master bathroom calls for some different needs than a guest bathroom. In other words, bathroom details vary depending on the purpose and preference of the homeowners. For instance, you have to consider if the home is for kids with high foot traffic or a swanky bachelorette pad. These are the trends you might want for the bathroom in a residential construction. Below are other few things you need to know.

Appropriate Materials Based on Natural Environment

As the world becomes increasingly digital, people are turning to private spaces that reflect natural sanctuaries. One example is a rise in marble details throughout bathrooms— floors, counters, in the shower, even on walls to showcase the inherent beauty in a well-cut slab. Concrete continues to be popular and is a fraction of the cost of marble. Concrete can be subtle, muted and solid, concrete pairs beautifully with light woods, steel and porcelain. It’s easy to install, clean and maintain, and it’s perfect if your customer is drawn to a more minimalist, modern style.

Utilise Space with Open Layout

In new construction or renovations, some adventurous people are beginning to create open concept. One alternative way to make a space feel special is by creating a spa-like environment. The key to achieving this is through lighting. Whether through natural light or strategically placed artificial lighting, you can achieve a dreamy, relaxing vibe.

If your customer embraces all things quirky, maybe they’ll enjoy shaking up the standard placement of objects in their new bathrooms. For example, vanities in front of windows allow people to enjoy natural light and beautiful views while washing and brushing. Some designers are even installing faucets facing sideways, which can make a small or oddly shaped bathroom more functional and a simple space more playful.

Statement Walls

Even a small space can showcase personality. A current bathroom remodel trend of painting walls black is not just bold, but also sophisticated. Black walls with gold accents turn a mundane space into something sleek. If your customer isn’t afraid to go bold, but leans more to the playful side, they may opt to cover one wall with bright or colourful wallpaper

Even windowless bathrooms can have great views if your customer chooses to showcase something from their art collection on the wall. This option gives your customer utmost flexibility, and why not elevate the bathroom experience with some beautiful artwork?

Vintage Fixtures

Sometimes fixtures get overlooked — or customers just opt for the basics — because the choices are overwhelming. But fixtures can be fun and can elevate a bathroom in the same way the perfect jewellery upgrades an outfit. A current trend is old-fashioned or rustic styles, like exposed fixtures made from gunmetal, pewter or polished nickel.

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