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Best Floor Addition and Extension Ideas for Your Sydney Home

28 September 2020

If you need to add more living space to your home today, you may want to work with your favourite architect or home builder and contractor to design and build an attractive and functional second floor addition or home extension. Especially when your family is growing, you may need additional bedrooms, baths or play areas for the youngsters. If you have teenagers in your family, they may be in need of larger rooms with more study areas and space for their belongings. Below are the best floor addition and extension ideas for your Sydney home.

By deciding to add an extension or second floor addition to your current home, you and your entire household can enjoy such attractive and practical new home interiors.

Nursery or Baby Room

If you will soon have a newborn baby in your house, the addition of a baby’s room or nursery on your home’s second floor near the other bedrooms will be a joyful and immediate necessity. If you already have a suitable extra room on the second floor that needs only slight remodelling or improvements for easy transformation into the perfect infant’s paradise, you are fortunate. However, if a new room must be constructed for your baby, consider adding this room at the back or a side area of your house that is quiet yet cheerful, with adequate sunlight at its windows during the day.

Guest Bedroom

When you need an extra bedroom for use as a guestroom in your home, a second floor addition is most likely the best choice. However, in some home designs, one or two room extensions adjoining a quiet area of your first floor may be ideal for accommodating guests. This may be a more restful area for adult guests if your children’s bedrooms and play areas are located on the second floor of your home. A first floor guestroom is also helpful for any older family members or guests who may be visiting since they will not need to climb stairs to access a guestroom on the upper floor or floors of your house.


If you are planning to add a bright, healthy and attractive solarium to your home, a first floor extension is exactly what you need. Working with your architect or home building team, you can successfully bring the beauty and allure of nature indoors to enhance your interior living space. You and your family and friends will enjoy many hours of relaxation and pleasure in this indoor garden with its stylish interior of natural beauty.

When you consult the expert residential building contractors of Olympia Homes located in Alexandria, NSW and serving all of Sydney and surrounding regions, you will receive excellent advice on creating the ideal second floor addition or home extension of your dreams. Our experienced design and construction professionals will ensure that this addition of new living space to your home will be the perfect design to satisfy and even surpass all your expectations and needs.

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