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Building a New Granny Flat? Know These Tips from Your Top-notch Residential Builders

09 January 2020

Small properties, such as granny flats are a viable alternative for budding investors. Since these properties initially serve as a secondary dwelling that you build within the boundaries of your own property for ageing parents, more and more teenagers and young couples are availing of such flats due to inflating property prices.

Nowadays, granny flats have become suitable for people who want to downsize from their current home. You could build a granny flat in your block and live in it while renting out the main property. However, there are important things to consider prior to building one. Below are some of the tips from your top-notch residential builders.

Create a Seamless Connection

Make a seamless connection between the indoor and outdoor living areas. The main house and the flat should be attached in an aesthetic manner by highlighting specific similar building materials. You could use a brick or any similar material.

Install an Additional Path

Since you now have two dwellings, install a path to link the two. However, you must always separate the garden areas with a gate so as not to create a chaotic indoor and outdoor living space.

Divide the Living Room

Divide the living room from the kitchen with an L-shaped wall that cleverly houses the fridge and a bank of cabinets. White framed windows and doors on all sides of the floor plan, up high and down low, ensure the flat is flooded with natural light. Just add streamlined roller blinds for when you require privacy.

Opt for a Neutral Kitchen

There’s plenty of space to cook up a feast in a kitchen this size. Note how a well-curated collection of neutral finishes on the walls, cabinetry, bench tops, splashback and floor make this zone appear ultra spacious.

Make it Appear Homey and Accommodating

Add kitchen knick-knacks to make the granny flat feel like home. For a mod look in the bathroom, go for tiles in pared-back tones and a glossy white vanity. Add colour with your towels. Also, you can add a round table. A round table is a fantastic way to use limited space. Aside from that, it still allows you to comfortably host a couple of guests. As far as styling goes, hang your favourite artwork nearby to create a window into another world.

Consult none other than Olympia Homes in building your very own granny flat. We can take all the hassle away from home owners by using our extensive experience to help you achieve the best results. We only use high quality building materials and we are also conscious about sustainability and the environment. We make it a point that we meet all quality and environmental standards, and we are always open to new ideas and innovations that will help make your dream home into a reality.

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