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Building Your New Modern Home: How Can it be Affordable?

28 February 2020

One common misconception in building a new modern home is the thought that it would cost you a lot of money. However, that is not always the case. There are certain ways on how you can build a new modern home that falls within the budget. Below are ways you can do so.

Modern Homes Can Have Simple Architectural and Construction Design

Simple modern designs are now considered a trend. The materials and services necessary for a modern home are significantly less expensive since they do not have complicated and intricate requirements. Aside from that, simple architectural and construction design employs a functional approach rather than solely aesthetic. Below are the aspects of a simple and new modern home that makes it affordable.

Faster Construction

Modern house designs have simple floor plans. Simple house plans are much more affordable than complicated ones that have a bunch of ins and outs, changes in elevation, and complex angles or curves. Because most modern homes have rectilinear walls and volumes, walls line up floor to floor and across the same floor. As a result, construction is faster.

Lower Labor Costs

Less time framing walls results in lower labour costs and a reduction in the overall construction schedule. The impact of a shorter construction schedule is huge because there are associated overhead costs like supervisor salary, job site trailer rental, and portable toilet rentals that are based on total construction days. If the construction schedule is reduced, all those overhead costs and fees will be lower, also.

Unified Functions

Modern houses typically have open floor plans. Open floor plans eliminate unnecessary interior walls. They create shared spaces making everyday living more communal. Living, dining, and cooking areas are closer together and the separation between each function is blurred.

Reduced Area Footage

Creating an open floor plan can reduce construction costs by eliminating entire interior wall constructions, meaning less material cost and labour cost. It also has the potential to reduce the overall square footage of the house because spaces can be combined. An open floor plan creates shared circulation space around furniture and tables that otherwise wouldn’t be possible with walls in place. With a more compact and efficient floor plan come other cost-saving opportunities. Aside from reducing construction costs, operating costs may also be reduced because there is less square footage and volume to heat and cool. You aren’t wasting energy heating this extra space you don’t need.  In addition, a more compact floor plan reduces site work, foundation work, and roofing area so construction costs can be reduced even further.

Energy Efficiency

Modern houses are characterised by large expanses of glass to either let daylight in or highlight views. Now, window walls can be very expensive, but if you’re strategic in the placement, size, and product selection, glazing doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker. While large windows can be pricey, the benefit is that they allow a lot of natural daylight to enter your house. Exposing more areas to daylight reduces your demand for artificial lighting so lighting loads are less. It also improves mental health and well-being so there may be savings in medical costs.

By engaging with our expert home builders at Olympia Homes located in Alexandria, NSW, for the construction of your new modern home, you can discuss and decide the aspects that would make your new modern home an affordable one.

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