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Custom Designed Double Story Sydney Home: A Practical Choice for Families

28 January 2021

There are a colossal number of considerations to be made when constructing a house, and picking between a solitary or double story plan may be at the first spot on the list. A financial plan, way of life choices and land suitability will all contribute towards the choice you ultimately make.

Double story homes are generally somewhat more costly than single-story homes, yet that’s by all account, not the only estimating consideration. While you can hope to spend at least an extra 10% on your double story assemble, you get the added value of more yard space.

The individuals who aren’t worried about yard space can comfortably fit a double story expand on a small square without sacrificing on the size of living areas. It merits referencing the progressing expenses of heating and cooling your home. In this regard, single-story homes can be significantly cheaper on the off chance that you regularly use air moulding.

What makes custom-designed double-story Sydney home a practical choice for families?


Double story living is generally less popular among families with exceptionally small kids, basically, from a safety point of view – steep staircases and more space to roam can make unexperienced parents somewhat uneasy. If you are planning on accommodating more established relatives now or into what’s to come, it merits contemplating whether stairs will represent an issue.

Property Aspect

If your property has great natural perspectives, it merits pondering making the vast majority of them by picking a double story construct. You can also maximize the thermal advantages of natural light with a double story home. A new popular pattern is situating living areas on the highest level to appreciate these advantages while keeping rooms on the lower floor.

It’s also worth considering the aspect of adjoining properties if you live in a lodging advancement. A few homeowners don’t want their property to linger over others if all different houses in the road are single story.


A critical advantage of double story homes is the added privacy they can offer for individual individuals from your family. Families with teenage youngsters can organize their room layout with a master room upstairs and different rooms downstairs for extra privacy. This is also an advantage in case you’re lodging more seasoned relatives and you’d like them to have as much space as conceivable.


In this case, beauty is particularly subjective depending on each person’s preferences. Double story homes are frequently seen as grander and all the more appealing, while some like the lower facade of single-story homes. Whatever alternative you go for, the appearance of your property from the road ought to be a vital consideration for resale.


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