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Demolition and Rebuilding Services: Hire Infinity Design and Construction

25 March 2019

If you are planning a demolition and rebuilding project in the Sydney area, contact the experienced experts of Olympia Homes. Our skilled and versatile staff will successfully manage your project from concept to completion with the top caliber performance of licensed professionals who will satisfy and even exceed your expectations for finest quality plans, designs, materials, equipment and workmanship. We will ensure you of the very best grade of design and construction that is currently available in our industry. 

We understand very well just how overwhelming the demolition, building and renovation processes can be for anyone who desires to undertake a building or rebuilding project. For this reason, we will ensure that your project is completed in a timely manner with the ultimate quality designs, construction, finishing skills and techniques to fully meet your specific preferences, needs and desires.      

Expert Demolition and Rebuilding Services Provided by Our Top Caliber Team of Professionals

Our optimal quality team of demolition and rebuilding experts will provide you with an entire spectrum of professional services for your demolition and rebuilding project, including the following: 

• Demolition and Rebuild. – If you need demolition and rebuilding services for your home or commercial building, we are prepared to plan, design and execute the entire project for you, from start to finish, in a timely, cost-effective manner. We insist on using only quality building materials, equipment and workmanship, and we also offer use of green construction products, methods and technology, if desired. We will also work with recycled construction materials at our clients’ request. We will complete your demolition and rebuilding project within your budget as agreed upon at the time your contract was finalised and signed.  

• Second Floor Addition or Extensions.
– We offer top caliber construction of second floor additions or first floor extensions, as needed. Whether your family is growing and you need an additional bedroom upstairs or you plan to start a home-based business and need an office extension on the first floor, we will be pleased to satisfy your wishes. We will construct a spacious and attractive new bedroom for the kids or design and build a fashionable and functional new work space for your business downstairs. If you want a beautiful, healthy solarium added to one side of your first floor, we will create the natural haven that you envision to your exact specifications.  

• Bathroom and Kitchen Builds or Renovations. – We will build or renovate your bathroom or kitchen, providing you with a bright, attractive kitchen where your entire household and friends will want to gather while delicious meal or snack preparations are in progress. We can build the relaxing, attractive modern bath of your dreams, complete with the latest design in soothing spa baths and spacious rainforest showers. We will always use your choice of building and renovating materials, such as fine marble or granite floor and wall tiles and natural stone slab benchtops.  

When you contact our offices in Sydney, our team at Olympia Homeswill offer you professional consultation and a free cost estimate along with advice, plans and designs for your demolition and rebuilding or renovations project. Our experienced professionals will guide you to making the very best selections of building materials to ensure that your new living and working environment will be perfect for enjoying the healthy, vibrant lifestyle you have always desired.

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