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Granny Flats for the Elderly: What are the Most Important Things to Consider Prior to Building?

09 December 2019

Granny flats for the elderly are popular in Australia nowadays because it serves as a viable alternative for budding investors. These small properties, which you build within the confines of your own property, offer plenty of opportunities. They’re also low-cost when compared to many other types of property investment. But before you take it any further, you must be informed about what granny flats for the elderly are.

A granny flat is a secondary dwelling that you build within the boundaries of your own property. The key thing is that they’re self-contained. This means a granny flat is essentially a property within a property. The name comes from the original purpose of the flats. Homeowners would build them for their elderly relatives to live in, thus keeping the family unit together.

However, they’ve since become an investment opportunity. They became suitable for people who want to downsize from their current home. You could build a granny flat in your block and live in it while renting out the main property. However, there are important things to consider prior to building one. Below are some of them.

Rules and Regulations

It is essential to make sure your granny flat for the elderly will be fully compliant with all the relevant laws. Check with your local council to find out what regulations apply in your area, but as a general rule your granny flat will need to follow certain rules. First, it must be constructed flat on the property that is zoned for residential property and is at least 450 square metres in size. It should also be owned by the same person that owns the primary dwelling on the property. It is required to have a maximum living space of around 60 square metres excluding verandas, carports and patios. Also, it must have a separate and unobstructed pedestrian access.

Once you’re sure that your project will meet all the necessary requirements, you can apply for planning approval from your local council.

Early Approval

You need to attain approvals for the work from the local council. Typically, you’ll have to apply for the construction itself, as well as applying to build over existing water and sewage pipes. You may also have to consider the restrictions that your land creates. Get the planning done first before moving forward, as there’s no point starting to build only to find you haven’t met a certain regulation

We at Olympia Homes will be able to help you in constructing your granny flat for elderly from its concept up until completion. Our team of licensed building professionals go above and beyond to ensure your dream home becomes a reality. We pride ourselves on excellence and offer the latest in innovations, materials and designs to provide you with the best that the industry has to offer.

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