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Home Improvement Ideas that Can Increase Home Value

26 March 2020

Not all home improvement projects are guaranteed to increase your home value. There are certain costly projects that do not contribute to improving the market value of your home. In order to have a good return of investment (ROI), a homeowner must know which projects are useful in the long run. Luckily, below are home improvement ideas that can increase home value.

Simple Kitchen Remodelling

Since the kitchen is considered as the heart of every home, remodelling them will most likely pay off should you decide to sell your house. Experts stated that you can garner around 60-120 percent ROI with a simple remodelling. However, they emphasised that the remodelling must not go overboard. Having a kitchen better-looking than the rest of the house or the neighbourhood might not appeal to most homebuyers. In fact, they are said to suit restaurant kitchens more than a residential building.

Aside from that, it is also suggested to use eco-friendly paint in remodelling your kitchen. It helps your family avoid breathing in dangerous chemicals, like benzene, that off-gas from regular fresh paint. You could also replace old appliances with energy-efficient models. EEnergy efficient appliances are better for the environment, and they also help you save money, because they use less energy. Potential buyers often look for ways to save money when shopping for a new home.

Bathroom Addition

If your home only has one bathroom, you can recoup a large chunk of your investment by adding another one. Experts estimate that you can recoup 80-130 percent of whatever you spend if you decide to add a bathroom.

When it comes to finding room in your house for an extra bathroom, take a look at any extra rooms or underutilised spaces. Consider other spaces, such as closets or areas under the stairs, too. Like any project, the cost of adding a bathroom depends largely on the types of additions and accessories you want to use, and the cost of each of these items. You can save money by frequently checking stores that often drastically reduce prices on sinks and toilets and floor models.

Energy-Efficient Insulation

If your home lacks basic insulation, and has old doors that let in plenty of hot and cold air, home inspectors working with potential buyers will include this in their reports. Homes that haven’t been modified with energy efficiency in mind cost more to live in and maintain. Updating your home to save energy doesn’t have to cost a lot of money and can make your home more appealing to potential buyers.

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