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Home Renovation and Extension Tips This 2020: Important Things to Keep in Mind

24 January 2020

Home renovations and extensions are a hodgepodge of ideas; these are dos and don’ts and considerations that homeowners are most likely to become overwhelmed. However if you take out the unnecessary ones and only keep in mind that which is important, you are bound to find yourself with a peaceful heart and a more beautiful home. Below are important things to keep in mind when undertaking home renovation and extension this 2020.

Never Rush Designs and Processes

Planning your project may well take longer than executing it, but it is worth taking your time to get it right. Design every detail up front and build according to detailed plans. Don’t design on the fly with builders on site. What seem like small changes can have a serious knock-on effect if not planned properly at the start. Very few extensions or major renovations involving significant structural work and drainage alterations can be done to a good quality in less than five or six months. Internal reforms can be done more swiftly, but the last stages of any building job will inevitably slow down – if only, for example, to avoid carpenters creating dust when the painters are trying to get a flawless finish on their eggshell. Unduly rushed building work will almost always come back to haunt the client.

Ensure Great Builder Reputation

This will make your life so much easier. Ask friends for recommendations and take references. Tender your building works with at least three builders. It’s the only way to ensure you are getting good value for your project. Take the time to go and see some of their previous projects. It is also very important to see their work beforehand so that you understand the finish you will be paying for. If you are particular about the final finishes being perfect, then you need to ensure your contractor can produce this.

Never Purchase Cheap Products

Projects often run into problems if clients opt for the cheapest tender. Small builders often don’t use quantity surveyors and sometimes get pricing wrong, or do not fully comprehend the level of detail involved in a project. Familiarise yourself with the actual pricing and be wary of those who offer services below the average price.

Consult Professionals

What with builders, architects, party wall surveyors and building control costs, professional fees will add a big chunk to your outlay. But unless you really understand the process, don’t skimp on experts if you are doing a big project. If you are undertaking a large project, especially one running well into six figures, a quantity surveyor is worth his or her weight in gold. They can drill down on the numbers to a level of detail that a builder won’t and this can really help you get your budgeting right and your costs low.

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