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Important Home Addition Considerations to Keep in Mind

11 October 2022

There is a multitude of alterations and additions that you may make to your house to personalise it and make it more functional. We have provided you with a list of some ideas and suggestions on how to approach the design and some of the material concerns you will need to make.

When Adding Is the Correct Decision

You may have noticed that homeowners are constructing additions to their houses at a higher rate than at any time in the past. There are many different explanations for this. Adding accessibility to the home to create an environment that will eliminate the need for assisted living in the future is just one of many options. Other options include inviting the grandparents back home to live as part of an extended family, bringing college graduates back home to ease the burden as they begin their careers, and inviting them back home to live as part of an extended family. The fact that the property market has become so competitive and house values have shot up to all-time highs is another primary cause for the surge in the number of home addition renovation projects. Many people find it increasingly difficult or unaffordable to purchase a new residence equipped with the necessary supplementary amenities.

Select the option that includes addition. When you want to maintain what you have but at the same time improve upon it, the addition is the course of action that is the quickest, most economical, and most rewarding to pursue. Remember, though, that if you choose to construct an extension, you will start from scratch. Your concept will become a reality regarding the appearance, texture, materials used, usefulness, and resultant structure. Therefore, there is interesting work and partnership in store for the future.

Blending as an Addition

If you want your home’s overall aesthetic to “work,” you need to ensure that your addition’s design meshes nicely with the design of the existing building. To summarise, an addition should appear to have always been a part of the space. Therefore, if your existing home features design elements like casement windows, huge crown mouldings, or broad plank floors, you will probably want to include similar features in the new addition. However, keep in mind that you are not replicating the current design features; you are using them as a reference. When done effectively, updating an older design with current appliances, new building materials, and emerging design ideas may be quite successful.

Be as simple as possible when blending in addition since this is another essential piece of advice. Take your inspirations from what is already there and add design features that enhance the current structure rather than competing with it for attention. It is never a bad idea to dial back the amount of adornment rather than risk having it vie for attention with the house.

Flooring Made of Wood

The species and dimensions of the original wood flooring can be replicated, but the colour and grain cannot be replicated. Alterations in the floor’s appearance may be tolerated as long as there is some transitional space between the rooms. The entire floor may need to be sanded down or replaced with a new wood floor if you intend to have an open floor design.

About Roofing

Because of recent shortages of materials, the number of colours available for roofing has been reduced drastically, so matching may be challenging. If the new roof isn’t connected to the old one, you have the freedom to choose a different material or style for the shingles on the other roof. This could be as simple as asphalt shingles with three tabs but a slightly different colour, or it could be something as radical as metal shingles.

Give Olympia Homes a call once you’ve chosen the reasons and what you intend to gain from adding a new addition to your house before starting the construction process. You can’t possibly do a task of this magnitude on your own. To develop your masterpiece, you will require an expert’s building advice, assistance, design, and construction services. We have many years of experience constructing residential extensions in the Sydney area, and we look forward to working with customers like you.

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