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Innovative Australian Home Designs that Stand Out: Hire Olympia Homes

19 August 2019

Your ideal residential building contractor today in the South Sydney area of NSW will offer fresh, innovative advice and designs for home building, renovations and additions or extensions. Successful, quality contractors for home design and construction projects will also offer competitive, moderate pricing to align with your budgetary requirements.

By engaging the professional building services of a highly experienced and well respected home building contractor, you can be assured that your construction project will be completed using only optimal quality materials, equipment and construction methods. The best home building companies today place strong emphasis on sustainability and use environmentally protective products and procedures for the safe completion of each project.

Unique Designs for Innovative Australian Home Construction that Attract Strong Attention

When you see unique home designs in Australia with innovative aspects and features that attract high volumes of lasting attention, you realize the ingenious talents and skills of highly experienced home building contractors. Some of the most creative and unique building projects for homes include the following:

• Second Floor Additions or Extensions. When your building contractor constructs an attractive and practical addition or extension to the second floor of your home, you will gain an additional room or enjoy the use of more space within an existing room or area. Even small spatial changes to this floor’s interior square footage can improve the quality of your household’s home life considerably. Perhaps you are expecting a new arrival and need a nursery and playroom added to your second floor before the baby arrives. Your teenager may need an enlarged bedroom with an area for computer work, studying for exams or practicing a musical instrument.

You may feel the need to build a family leisure area that everyone can enjoy. Designed to overhang the beauty of your garden and poolside area, this room will bring contemporary style and allure to your entire home. Whatever your need, desire, whim or fancy may be for expanding your home’s second level, your expert home construction contractor can complete a superb home addition or extension to satisfy your every need. You may want to include a stunning, floor-to-ceiling sliding glass wall leading to your second storey deck or balcony, and adding cozy garret designs to the ceiling of your new baby’s nursery can be a charming and delightful plan. Your building contractor can either provide designs for your project or work with your architect, according to your wishes.

• Bathroom and Kitchen Renovations. While finalizing designs for your innovative kitchen and bathroom renovations, your expert building contractor may suggest combining coral and gray marble floor tiling with walls painted in light tangerine, a deep coral ceiling and red oak woodworking. Accented by cocoa, cream and orange ceramic tiling around the vanity basin and for the shower, your bath can be finished with a handsome Jarrah timbre vanity and oblong bowl basin along with a large rainforest shower fixture and full spa bath with matching toilet design.

For your kitchen makeover, your creative home builder may suggest black, gray and white marble flooring complemented by white quartz benchtops and counters. Your stylish mobile kitchen island can display a marble top that matches the flooring, and acqua, white and black subway tiles will make a dynamic and playful splashback and walling around your oven and stove-top. Your contractor may even add an elegant skylight for dazzling views of morning sunlight and evening stars.

With rich Tasmanian Oak wall cabinetry equipped with mountings that allow cabinets to glide in and outward from the walls for your convenience during food preparation along with quiet-touch-close doors on the under-counter cupboards, your new kitchen design will combine elements of ingenious design with practical features to promote enjoyable, stress-free cooking. With adjustable overhead lantern lighting, your kitchen will have a fashionable ambiance to please one and all.

When you contact our expert residential building design and construction team at Olympia Homes in Alexandria, NSW, you will receive ultimate quality advice, designs, and full construction and installation services for your innovative home building and renovation needs. Our top caliber home designers and builder-contractors will ensure that all of your home additions, extensions and interior renovations are performed to comply with your exact specifications and requirements. Our experts will complete the ideal home construction projects to totally satisfy and even surpass your expectations and dreams.

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