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Major Reasons Why It is More Practical to Demolish and Rebuild

07 April 2020

Demolishing and rebuilding, otherwise known as knockdown-rebuild (KDR) is a popular trend among those who opt for renovations, up-selling and relocations. Most of these people find the said method as the best solution even if you have a commercial, residential or industrial establishment. Below are the major reasons why it is more practical to demolish and rebuild.

Cost Effective

Although it would probably be cheaper to renovate, there are some experts who say that knocking down your house and rebuilding might prove to be cheaper in the long run. The thing with renovations is that there is a lot of demolition involved, especially for major projects. While that is happening, the renovations are stalled and extensions will definitely cost you money, unlike rebuilding where you start from a clean slate.

Full-Scale Customisation

When you decide to just demolish your old house, you get the golden opportunity of designing your house according to how you want it. You get to choose just how the floor space will be, you can now turn it into a multi-storey level instead of a bungalow. You can decide it now according to your needs and wants instead of you and your family adjust to the way the house was constructed before. You can include features you’ve always wanted, like bathtubs or a backyard patio. There is no limit to how you want your house to look now unless of course, the budget does not allow it.

New Home, Same Spot

For those who have been living in the same area for a long time, it is likely for them not to leave and settle somewhere else. As a solution, rebuilding their house from scratch gives them the feel of a new home without having to leave the comfort of their old neighbourhood. Many people will feel much more comfortable with something newly built, knowing that it is entirely sturdy. In addition, anomalies such as over-steep staircases and narrow doorways can be avoided and you won’t have to find ways to work around parts of the building that can’t be changed such as a load bearing wall that can’t be moved, or an impractical drainage system. Rather than upping sticks and buying or building elsewhere, opting for a knockdown-rebuild means you can construct the home of your dreams but stay in the area you’ve grown to adore.

Sustainable Property

Another benefit of undertaking a demolish and rebuild is that you can up your home’s sustainability game in ways that would not be possible if you were to renovate. For example, starting from scratch means that you can optimise the orientation and layout of your home and the placement of windows, to allow for maximum sun exposure in winter; shade and coolness in summer; and cross ventilation.

These three key passive design strategies to harness renewable energy resources such as the sun and wind to heat, cool, ventilate and illuminate your home naturally. This in turn allows you to improve your home’s carbon footprint and reduce your household energy spending. Demolish and rebuild gives you the opportunity to construct your new home from the ground up, using sustainable materials and incorporating the latest smart, eco-friendly fixtures, features and gadgets too.

By engaging with our expert home builders at Olympia Homes located in Alexandria, NSW, for your demolish and rebuild endeavour, you can discuss and decide the aspects that would make your new modern home an affordable one.



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