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Second-Floor Addition and Renovation: What are the Advantages to Homeowners?

16 December 2021

If you have plans to renovate your home’s second floor and to build an addition as well, you may be reviewing the advantages of this project. Of course, you and your family can look forward to enjoying the many benefits of a more spacious home.

It is always helpful to have additional bedrooms, study and play areas or second-floor office space. If you are awaiting the arrival of a newborn baby within a few months, you will be delighted to have room on your home’s quieter upper floor for an attractive new nursery.

Advantages to Homeowners of a Second Floor Addition and Renovation

Renovating the second floor of your home and building an addition to this upper floor offer multiple advantages for you and your family, such as the following:

  • Adding New Bedrooms. If you have a growing family or entertain frequent house guests, adding new bedrooms as a second-floor addition is a great idea. Your children can enjoy having their own rooms, and your newborn can benefit from the luxury of a beautiful new nursery environment.

If you install a modern stair-lift on your staircase to the second floor, even your elderly relatives can enjoy resting in the peace and quiet of your stylish and spacious new bedrooms.

  • Building a Playroom and Study Space. Your new second floor home addition can include a large open playroom for the younger kids. In the afternoon and evening, this room can double as a quiet study space for your older children and teens.

If you include plenty of built-in wall cabinets and cupboards, there will be sufficient space for storing toys, games, art supplies, audio-visual equipment, computers, laptops, tablets, books and writing pads.

  • Adding Office Space. If you and your spouse or partner have been converting a section of your living room into office space during the daytime and converting it back to living space at night, you can truly enjoy having a second-floor office addition. What a relief it will be to walk in and out of your office, leaving everything in place to continue your work according to your daily schedule.
  • Increasing Your Home’s Value.When you include the building of new home addition in your plans for second-floor renovations, you will increase your home’s market value significantly. Just by adding one to three new rooms or open-concept areas, you can add impressive value to your home property

By contacting our experts at Olympia Homes located in Alexandria, NSW, you can obtain top-rated information and advice concerning adding a second-floor addition to your home. Our experienced designers and builders can also plan, construct and finish your new home addition according to your specifications and needs.

Our professional design and building team serves clients throughout Sydney and all surrounding regions, and they are well-focused on providing the ultimate quality home renovating and building services. They will work closely with you to ensure that your new second-floor home addition will completely satisfy and even surpass all of your desires, expectations and needs.

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