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The Best Tips for a Successful New Home Construction Project

29 September 2021

Building a new home is an exciting and inspiring project. Yet even with the best of planning, it can be somewhat stressful at times. For this reason, you need an excellent design and building team to ensure the successful completion of your new home construction and finishing.

Because the agreed timeline for building a house can be subject to unexpected interruptions and delays, you need an expert architect or building company, contractor and construction crew to deal with any obstacles or slowdowns that may occur during the building process.

Best Tips for Successfully Building Your New Home

The best tips for completing a successful new home construction project include the following:

  1. Locate Your Ideal Building Team. Find a licensed builder and contractor who are an expert at constructing the type of home you desire. Your building company should be bonded and insured. If you are working with an architect, they should have a good reputation for designing houses similar to your ideal home construction.

Your builder should carry both general liability and workers’ compensation insurance. You should also determine whether your builder hires independent subcontractors to complete some aspects of construction. If any subcontractors are used, they should also be licensed, insured and bonded.

  1. Budget for Additional Costs. When planning your new home construction budget, allow extra funds for any additional, unexpected costs. If your property has an abundance of trees, large rocks or hilly areas, the land may need to be altered more than expected before construction can begin. Also, some aspects of the building process may require additional permits. Labour costs may also vary throughout your new home’s construction.
  2. Decide on Floor Plan and Estimate Cost Per Square Foot. The floor plan is the foundation of your home construction project. It will control the size, shape and features of your home’s structure. Whether your floor plan is designed by an architect or comes from a builder’s catalogue, it will require revisions and approval from your architect or contractor before the initial work begins.

You can estimate the cost per square foot for building your home before receiving this figure from your contractor if you like. After getting the estimated total cost of the project from your builder or contractor, simply divide it by the number of square feet to be included in your future home.

  1. Understand All Parts of Your Contract. It is usually best to ensure that the contract that you sign with your home builder is as detailed as possible. This clarifies the expectations of both parties and specifies how your money will be used during each phase of your construction project. It is helpful if your contract specifies all areas to be heated in your new home. The placement of utility connections should also be included. If you want your basement to be finished, this should be clearly explained in your contract.

By contacting our experienced professionals at Olympia Homes located in Alexandria, NSW, you can obtain top-rated advice, designs and building services for the construction of your new home. As a respected builder/contractor, we provide expert residential building design and construction services to all of South Sydney and surrounding regions.

Our excellent team will ensure that all aspects of your new home construction are performed with the highest professional expertise. They will create the ideal new home to completely satisfy and even surpass your every desire, preference and need.

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