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Things To Remember About Luxury Home Designs

27 March 2023

The most common criticism from individuals who pay for luxury home designs is that the designer/architect did not meet their build budgets and needs. After the design process, they realised their dream house would have to be sacrificed due to expense. They hired a professional but discovered too late that the design did not fit their budget and was a useless piece of paper.

People are frequently so dissatisfied with the procedure that they decide to sell the property. Someone has murdered their ambition, and the building and construction business, in our opinion, has failed them. When you speak with the designer, they will argue that the customer keeps tweaking and making it bigger and bigger, and thus the merry-go-round continues to revolve.

Excerpts from the Experts

As experts, you must take responsibility for the problem, set the budget explicitly, and stick to it. Remind your customer of the cost difference if they determine their house has to be another 100m square. Every customer understands precisely where they feel at ease, their construction budget, and their finishing budget. You don’t want to wind up with a significant gap between the original build budget, as agreed upon with the contractor, and the complete budget.

Miscellaneous Considerations

Carpets, living room tiles, window treatments, driveways/paving, and landscaping are all extra things to consider. These might be included in the original contract or charged to the client separately. In this sense, as builders, we endeavour to fulfil various clients’ demands. Architects should not be the scapegoat for extra expenditures, as builders should know better. They are responsible for project costing. Therefore, they should be considerably more in tune with material costs and, again, answerable to a considerable extent to the project’s final cost.

Luxury Home Designs Gone Wrong And How To Address Them

Some approaches can be quite unpleasant for the buyer because they no longer want to proceed with the construction due to some problems which could have been avoided had they hired the best luxury home builders. It would have been a tough pill to swallow if the architect had done his job professionally, but the customers would have received a more modest luxury home design that was practical and useful.

More significantly, it would have stayed within their budget and allowed them to move on with the building phase. For a minute, challenge that mental pattern by obtaining references from previous clients and inquiring about construction budgets against actual. Did the architect overspend?

The Experts Builders in the Area; What Olympia Homes Have to Offer

Here at Olympia Homes, we are a design and luxury home builder. Our goal is to keep ourselves safe from our competition. We design so that we may construct amazing projects. Please peek at our bespoke designs and photographs to see for yourself. We have a high-quality design staff with extensive expertise and experience.


We take pleasure in providing a better product than is asked of us (the things you can’t see).

Customer Service and Upkeep

We are a construction firm that specialises in custom-designed homes. We have brilliant designers and luxury house builders, so it’s simple, and no amount of academic degrees will improve our ideas.

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