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Top Home Improvement Projects that Add Value to Your Home

16 July 2019

Home improvement projects can lend new style and character to your home while adding significant market value. In fact, most of the major types of upgrades that many homeowners favour today will increase both the curb appeal and the selling price of your house and its surrounding lawn or garden areas. Especially when you engage the expert services of a respected home building and renovating company to design and perform the necessary alterations to your current residential property, you can look forward to substantial improvements in your home’s appearance and its value on the real estate market.

Leading Home Improvement Projects for Adding Value to Your Property

At the top of today’s list of home improvement projects that will add value to your current property are the following:

• Extensions.
The addition of a room extension to your current home can definitely add aesthetic appeal and market value to your property. You may want to add an attractive lounge or entertainment room to the back of your house. If cleverly designed and constructed by your expert home builders and renovators, this room can also double as an extra bedroom for guests when needed. Perhaps you would like a playroom for your young children or a home office where you and your partner or spouse can carry on business while running your busy household.

Bath and Kitchen Upgrades. Bathroom and kitchen upgrades can also add significant visual appeal and monetary value to your home. With an attractive new vanity console, luxurious spa bath and spacious, elegant shower installed, your new bathroom will add fashion and flair to your home’s interior design while increasing the market value of your home property. When you decide on a kitchen makeover as a major update for your home life, new appliances, flooring, walls and cabinetry will all raise the stylistic and financial worth of your home property.

• Granny Flats. When you and your top-tier designers and builders work together to plan and complete the addition of a granny flat adjoining your home, you will be providing an attractive, inviting new living space for an older family member or members to enjoy. You can also be assured that the aesthetic and market values of your home property will escalate considerably.

When you consult the expert home designers, builders and renovators of Olympia Homes located in Alexandria, NSW, you will benefit from top quality advice, plans and construction services for your home extension or renovations project. Our optimal calibre professionals will ensure that your finished home alterations or building update will result in a significant increase in the curb appeal and interior beauty and allure of your home property while greatly enhancing its market value and the quality of your home lifestyle.

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